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Trusts and Wills

Earning money and spending it are two great pleasures of life. Deciding who gets it when you are gone is a task most people would rather ignore. In fact, only 30% of American adults have taken the time to plan their estates. Unfortunately, many of those who have are led to believe that a simple will is all they need.

Thank you very much for the work you did in writing my will. I will highly recommend you to other who have similar needs. W W Cooper

Estate planning is made up of four areas: accumulating assets (earnings) and preserving assets (from predators), managing assets upon a disability, and distributing assets when you die. Although it may sound simple, there are challenges that may prevent your estate from being managed and distributed according to your wishes. These challenges can be broken down into three categories: probate, death taxes, and guardianship.

Trusts and Wills are the blueprint for what happens to your estate when you're gone. There are several financial considerations, and several options available for your unique business, financial, and family situation. Explore further the different types of Trusts and compare them to the standard Last Will and Testament.

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