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Trust Administration, Probate Law

Is your spouse or a parent recently deceased? Do you think you need to probate a will? Do you think you need to have a trust administered after a family member has died? Are you looking for a trust administration attorney? Do you need a lawyer to assist you with an estate or trust tax return?

At The Greening Law Firm PC, our probate law attorneys are skilled in administering an estate or trust and ensuring the clear and accurate distribution of assets. Since its founding, our firm has helped numerous clients minimize or eliminate confusion surrounding the complex area of probate law and trust administration.

Settling my father’s estate would have been much, much more difficult if it hadn’t been for the hard work of Mr. Greening and the other attorneys at his firm. I’m grateful to them for their above-and-beyond effort. Nina via AVVO

Assistance with Probate Law and Asset Protection

Our attorneys will work closely with you and your family to ensure that the terms of any will or trust are abided by, and that the assets get to the appropriate individual or entity. Our attorneys will explain and resolve any mystery surrounding probate law or asset protection and can assist you in resolving your probate and trust administration questions.

Decades of experience in Estate Administration

When a loved one has passed away, you have enough to worry about-allow The Greening Law Firm PC in Austin, Texas and Georgetown, Texas, to help you. Our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers have over decades of experience in probating wills and administering trusts. If you are a beneficiary in a will or trust, or have been named as a personal representative, you need the attorneys at The Greening Law Firm PC, located in Austin and Georgetown. We will ensure that the will is probated fairly and accurately and that any trust is administered to the trustor's exact specifications.

Texas Probate Lawyers

Our probate and trust administration attorneys assist clients throughout Texas.

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