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Texas Limited Liability Company

Each business is unique, and the question of which form of business organization is best can only be answered by looking at the specifics of the business in question and the goals of its owner or owners. The limited liability company (LLC) is a popular form of organizing business and investment activities. The LLC offers protection from personal liability for business debt, the tax advantages of a partnership, flexible distribution of profits and losses and simplicity of maintenance.

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Estate and asset protection planning with LLCs can be relatively simple or it can be quite complex, depending on your needs and goals. To help you determine whether an LLC is right for you and to set up your LLC and implement it properly, it is advisable to retain the services of qualified attorneys to guide you through the process and to answer questions.

The Greening Law Firm PC represents clients who own closely-held businesses in Texas, including start-ups and family businesses. Our attorneys offer counseling on the most appropriate legal structure, tax planning and key person agreements. We design and implement partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies. We address the role of buy-sell agreements among co-owners, life insurance as a planning or business succession tool, and retirement planning for owners and employees. Our goal is to maximize our clients' protection, control and benefits. As a function of integrated estate and asset protection planning, we assist our clients in the design, implementation and maintenance of effective business succession strategies.

Reducing Liability and Preserving Income Tax Deductions

In order to provide ongoing maintenance of corporations, family limited partnerships (FLPs) and limited liability companies, we prepare all documentation necessary for our clients to reduce their personal liability and preserve all viable income tax deductions.

Transferring Business Interests

Much of our estate and business planning practice consists of advising business owners how best to transfer business interests to succeeding generations in a way that facilitates the owner's retirement, preserves family harmony, retains key employees and minimizes income, gift and estate taxes.

Protecting Estates and Businesses

Consistent with our practice on behalf of our clients, we focus on an integrated approach to estate, business, retirement, insurance, asset protection and tax planning, relying on the expertise of our clients' other professional advisors to round out the most effective team for our clients' success, helping them protect estates and businesses which have been a lifetime in the making.

The Greening
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